Clara’s Ghost


2018 in development USA

Writer/Director: Bridey Elliott
Producer: Sarah Winshall
Starring: Paula Elliott, Chris Elliott, Abby Elliott, Bridey Elliott
Composer: Stella Mozgawa
Editor: Patrick Lawrence
Production Designer: Tory Noll

Set over the course of a single evening at the Reynolds’ Family home in suburban Connecticut, Clara’s Ghost tells the story of Clara Reynolds who, fed up with constant ribbing from her self-centered showbiz family, finds solace in and guidance from the supernatural force she believes is haunting her.

Sisters Julie (Abby Elliott) and Riley (Bridey Elliott) return home to celebrate the family dog, Harpswell’s birthday. It’s the usual booze-laden family gathering. Their dad Ted (Chris Elliott), an aging comedian, is scared he’s becoming irrelevant and is constantly in competition with his eldest daughter Julie who is about to be married and doesn’t seem interested in her accidental showbiz success. Riley, the youngest sister is broke and lost, unsure what she wants to be doing with her life. And when the three of them get together, it’s a chaos of drunken inside jokes, gentle ribbing, and inevitably not so gentle tell-me-how-you-really-feels. Lost in this fuss is Clara (Paula Elliott), the family matriarch and the only one not involved in the entertainment industry. As her more outgoing family members clamor for the spotlight, she quietly keeps the house together and struggles to hold her own amidst endless show tunes, witty banter, and industry gossip. It seems that on this particular visit, she’s reaching her breaking point. When she begins to act erratically (verging on violently), is she under the spell of a supernatural spirit she suspects is haunting her 150-year-old Victorian home, or is it just that her frustrations are finally getting the best of her?


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