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MBH Still.jpg

Moneybag Head

Dir. Patrick O’Brien, 2019

Dennis, a lonely sad sack with an unfortunate cranial deformity, finds himself romantically entangled with Catherine, a charming political cartoonist. After the two share an intensely intimate night together, Dennis is happier than he’s ever been… until he sees Catherine’s latest cartoon.

 Written & Directed by Patrick O’Brien

Produced by Sarah Winshall
Producer Tina Carbone
Executive Producer Jeff Roberts
Associate Producer Kate Carpenter

Dennis Chris Grace
Catherine Cathryn Mudon
Homeless Man Henry Rollins
Mom Rachel Winfree
Bartender Mike O’Gorman
Newsstand Man Saladin Florence

Director of Photography Markus Mentzer
Costume Design
Lauren Oppelt
Production Design
Katie DiFiore
Patrick Lawrence
Original Music by
Matt Orenstein
Sound Design
Josh Ascalon
Kyle Krupinski
Visual Effects Matt Lathrom