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He followed her. She liked it.



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The Follower

Dir. Stephanie Szerlip, 2019

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Instagram-obsessed Sophie Grace is left her home alone without a phone when two seemingly cool local boys show up at her house. As they become increasingly threatening, she doubts whether they are as harmless and charming as they let on. Pushed to her breaking point, Sophie is forced to choose whether to remain safe or venture into a dangerous unknown.

“[a] stylish contemporary reimagining of Joyce Carol Oates’ classic short story” -Bloody Disgusting

The Follower does a marvelous job of pinpointing that shifting level of complexity and illuminating the psychological manipulation that can occur when a man is trying to exert power over a woman.” -Wavelength


June 16 & 17, 2019
Chicago, IL

June 8, 2019
Dallas, TX

May 9 & 11, 2019
Baltimore, MD

Written & Directed by Stephanie Szerlip

Based on the short story
“Where are you going, where have you been?”
Joyce Carol Oates

Produced by Sarah Winshall

Executive Producers
Chloe Gordon
Judy McGrath
John R. Tyson

Co-Executive Producers
Anna Heinrich
Joseph Beiss

16mm film provided by Kodak

Sophie Grace Logan Polish
Jimmy Flowers Jack Kilmer
Val Rhett Brandt
Lynn Amy O’Neill
Richard Michael Novack
Caroline Shayna Novack

Co- Producer Angela Cohen
Associate Producer Jake Agger

Director of Photography Sean Price Williams
Production Designer Natalie Fält
Editor Brook Linder
Costume Designer Stacey Nishimoto
Music by James Ferraro
Hair & Makeup Doniella Davy
Sound Designer Josh Ascalon
Colorist Jamie O’Bradovich